Another way to intergrate mycroft with libre office

I found this extension to libre office today and saw that it has an option to connect to a “remote” service.

I wonder if this might be an easy way to integrate mycroft with a writer, as an alternative to lauching office with an open socket and using the Pyuno API.

That said the first step, I think, would be to be able to use mycroft as the text reader in the first place.

Hey, there are a number of Skills that read stories or recipes already. Fairytalez by Andlo is one such example.

You do need to break content down into manageable chunks as Text-To-Speech is quite computationally expensive. This is a challenge for us as Mycroft provides this service for free to so many users. For this reason we have to limit TTS to a reasonable level, but hopefully we have struck a good balance.