Announcing Mycroft's Guest Blog Program

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Mycroft is happy to announce the ability for community members to author and publish Guest Blog Posts on Ever written some content about your favorite voice assistant? Or, maybe you’ve had an idea for a post about the technology that makes it work, or the policy, philosophy, or societal impacts arising around it? Now you can, and have it featured on our blog!

Every so often, we receive a request for guest blog posting and have now put together a process to ensure equal opportunity and quality assurance for guest content on Mycroft’s website. We’ve been testing this process with a few potential guest authors so revisions are likely, but don’t let that stop you from jumping in if you meet the criteria!

We’ve set these standards to consider when outlining your Guest Post and submitting:

  • Guest Blog Post Author must have expertise in the area, usually demonstrated via LinkedIn, personal blog, or videos on the topic
  • Guest Blog Post must be related to voice, open source, or a closely related field such as voice interaction design
  • The content must relate to Mycroft’s products, service, or brand ethos in some way
  • The Guest Blog Post cannot be used to promote another platform or product; unless Mycroft already has an existing partnership with the organization.

How about an example?

For example, let’s say I’ve written an awesome post on how to deploy highly accurate Speech to Text with low enough processing requirement that it can be used anywhere. To prove it’s ability, I took my system to the jungles of Madagascar for testing. if I were to submit for a post, I’d link to my LinkedIn or personal blog, whichever best demonstrates my ability to build such a system. I’d provide a brief outline of the post, including the premise I’ll be testing my system against, how to set it up and test it yourself, what the results of my jungle test were, and the conclusion and any further reading.

If the Mycroft team finds promise in your outline and background, we’ll reach out with further guidelines and a blog template. We’ll then work with you to collect a draft of your post, the name and title you’ll want on the post, a headshot, and a snippet about you.

We’ll go through a few rounds of edits on your post, create a title, featured image, and collect any additional graphics you might want included. Here’s an example of what a featured image might be:

Then we’re ready for publication! We’ll set a date and share your stuff with the world!

What we're looking for

We’re looking for all sorts of posts, not just technical. This could be research or a survey on people’s privacy concerns in tech, an analysis of linguistic differences voice assistants struggle with, or a how-to process for building a special enclosure for a Picroft. If it meets the general criteria, don’t be shy!

We hope this program will bring some great awareness to our community and their work and research. Submit your topic here!

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