Android Test Core Environment

Is there a test environment that can be used for testing the Android client?

Thanks for your help!

What exactly do you mean by test environment?
You can use AndroidStudio to run the app with AndroidEmulator connected to your MycroftCore:

Hello Bannuk! I used android studio to compile MycroftCore-Android, but when I launched it on the virtual device from android studio I got this pretty empty screen. When I click on settings nothing happens, and if I click the pink mail icon I get a message in the bottom of the screen that says “Replace this with your own action”. This seems weird because I didn’t modify any files or anything. How did you make your MycroftCore work on your android device?

The MycroftCore for Android was an experiment and comes without any specific functionality. It is simply not usable out of the box to my knowledge.

If you want to connect your Android device to a MycroftCore instance, you can use the Android “Companion” App - wich is different from the Android MycroftCore App.