Android App Backend Connection

I’ve trying to get the Android app to work, and I’m not sure how to connect the mobile app to my mycroft-core instance. I’m running ‘service’ and ‘skills’ on my local fedora and I’ve setup an ngrok on my fedora pointing to port 8000 (seems thats the port the android app tries to connect to). But when I make a voice request It says it’s not able to connect. I feel like I’m missing something, I’m not sure what it acting as an external server.

@paulscott56 is the best person to ask about this, since he made the app. From what I know, it listens on the websocket opened by the Mycroft messagebus. By default, this should be localhost:8000/events/ws.

Also, can you post the error that you’re getting? I think you’ll likely need to start the voice service as well as service and skills.

Hey there! Thanks for checking out the app!

The mycroft.ini in /configuration/ needs to be changed from “localhost” to your actual ip or else then the Mycroft service restarted.

Once that is done, in the app, put in the ip address of your mycroft instance. It should all connect up at that stage. If not, check for firewalls etc on port 8000 or let me know!

I’ve managed to bypass the connection error on android device by changing the IP of the server in mycroft.ini file for messagebus_service and messagebus_client. Now when I ask question to Mycroft, it understand what I say

/ I/MessageParser: {“message_type”: “intent_failure”, “context”: null, “metadata”: {“utterance”: “Hello”}}

but it doesnt give any answer back. I’ve installed mycroft-core on Ubuntu server and trying to connect it as a client from Android phone.

Any help appreciated.

If Mycroft isn’t able to parse the intent, that is a different error, and has nothing to do with the app now.