An introduction

Well like it says you should introduce yourself. I’m Dale I do a job in mechanical and electrical looking after an office complex with interests in both classic/custom cars and technology.

Ever since the Raspberry Pi came out I have been fascinated with the whats technologically possible. I am not good at coding, I’m reasonable at the building/making of things, most importantly I have the want to Learn and improve.

I found out about this project a while back through something advertised to me on something like Wired. Originally I had an interest in the ‘Jasper’ Raspberry Pi Speech powered assistant, I also found Cortana to be quite interesting to the point where I got a Windows phone, useful at times like when you need hands free text messaging. Then there is Mycroft, seemingly something similar to Cortana and all the rest with bigger goals of automation.

What I’m seeing at the moment is something that works a bit like a Star Trek ships computer and I like it. I’m going to try building a unit for the purpose of learning a bit about Speech to text and control and if I can help the project in anyway, all the better :slight_smile:

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