Ambient light sensor

I don’t see an actual sensor, but the legacy skill did exist. Without the screen dimming during night hours limits the placement of the Mark II.

Would also love of the sensor data can be made available that can be accessed by Home Assistant.

Hi Count, thanks for the feature request!

There’s no physical light sensor on the Mark II, however it’s been suggested that we could achieve this courtesy of the camera. Would be interested if anyone has experience in this space?

Would need to look at how we might map that to report to HomeAssistant as a “normal” light sensor, but it would be a good addition if we can!

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Maybe the screen can be dimmed based on an external light sensor. I have Lumin sensors as part of my temp/humidity. If screen brightness could be triggered via API, they might solve the problem. Using the camera could be an option. But I generally as others always keep the camera blocked when not in use

The device knows the time of day and the current location (or whatever the user chooses to provide). It should be easy to have a rule that says “dim the screen if the current time is between sunset-30min and sunrise +30min”.

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