Alternate uses of the Mark 1?

Background: I have a Mark 1 sitting in a box. I got it last year in the hopes of finding some way to run music locally, without Amazon or Google products. (I ended up bowing to Amazon Music and using Musicolet on an unused phone when the internet is out.)

So right now I’m looking at possibly setting up a web server that will run node.js as part of OmerTu’s GoogleHomeKodi. (I had been using Glitch as the web host piece but they dropped it.) Could I use the Mark 1 to do that? I don’t really want to run a full size pc and it’s just sitting there…

If I can’t, then is there anything else interesting to do with it? I have Echo Dots in every room and a Google Mini that is part of the Kodi voice control, so I don’t really need the voice assistant part of it. I understand that a Pi3 is the heart of it, so it seems like there might be?

Editing to add: After reading more of the documentation, maybe my question is more simple. Does a Raspberry Pi include node.js and npm, so that I could just add the code from the project cited above? I’ve been poking around github and the Mycroft docs and it doesn’t really say what a baseline Pi includes.

I’d suggest looking to sell it. Playing with a Pi is fun, but there’s stuff in the Mark 1 that’s hard to get if you’re a fan of Mycroft. A lot of people I know end up making Picrofts to fill the gap between the Mark 1 and the Mark 2. While the Mark 2 is making exciting progress, I know several people (including myself) that would love to get their hands on a Mark 1.

You can definitely use it for that. Just connect via SSH and install npm.

I currently use my Mark 1 as a web server and a noise-activated light switch (with a manual override when the button is clicked).

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That’s a good point. I definitely overpaid looking at it as just a Pi3. But I didn’t think that someone else might be able to put it to better use. I guess I’m not opposed to re-homing it… gives me something to think about.

I just looked at eBay and there weren’t any for sale - even completed. That hardly ever happens with tech stuff.

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If you do decide to put it up for sale, please post the link here. I’m sure I’m not the only one with some interest.