Alarms one hour off from requeted time

I’m not sure if I put this under the right topic, so here goes:

I’ve been testing Mycroft Mark I and have tripped over a bit of a problem in scheduled alarms. If I specify “set an alarm for 7 hours and 20 minutes”, it goes off on time, if I say “set an alarm for 10:30AM” it will go off at 11:30AM, while announcing that this is an alarm for 10:30AM. I could get around this by giving an alarm time an hour earlier than I want, but if the problem gets fixed, it will go off an hour early, so for the moment, I’ll work out the delay time and ask for that.

I think that DST is giving Mycroft indigestion, I know it does that to me.

My current code level is 18.2.l2b

Is there any extra information I can collect that may help figure this problem out?

Hi there @mwgardiner, thanks for reporting this.

In, under Devices, what Location is your Mark 1 set to?

The location is set to Wyandotte, MI

Thanks @mwgardiner. I set my Mark 1 to Wyandotte, MI and compared the time to what Google thought the time should be and it was an hour earlier than it should have been.

I think Mycroft is inferring the wrong time zone for this location.

Pinging @matheus-mycroft to see if he might have some suggestions.

As an additional data point, I have Mycroft displaying the time when his display is idle, that time is correct.

Edit: Also, spoken queries for time get a correct spoken response, it appears to be strictly an alarm issue.

This is a daylight savings issue. There is actually a PR to fix that which can be found here. We will work on reveiwing and pulling this in!

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