AIY Voice v2 bonnet with a Pi 3


I have v2 of an AIY Voice Kit and a couple of Pi 3’s sitting around. I know the Zero won’t work with Picroft but will it work with the v2 bonnet paired with a Pi 3?

Thanks in advance!

I dont have a v2, but I think that the hat can go on a Pi 3 or 4 as I think the pins are the same as on the Zero. And if so - I am sure you can get it to work on Raspbian, and if so you can get it to work on Picroft or on Raspbian with a git install of Mycroft.
But it is work you have to do, as Picroft dosnt support the v2 AIY kit.

If you get something to work - then please share your experiance, so it can get included in the Picroft as an option.

I’ll give that a try. I did try to plug the bonnet into a Pi 3 using the PiCroft image but then it wouldn’t even give me an ethernet connection. Should I start without plugging the bonnet in, boot up Raspbian, install Mycroft and then plug in the bonnet?

I would love to hear your progress on this!

I also ordered the V2 AIY Kit because I wanted to build a mycroft myself but i didnt’t knew the v2 won’t work…

I dont know - but I would try gogling around as someone else must have sme question “RaspberryPi3 and Google AIY voicekit v2” or try in the Google AIY forums.

When it works in standard raspbian - then next step is to get Mycroft to use it (and that part will be much easier)

All right guys, I have tested this several times from scratch and I think that I have everything worked out now. If you have a AIYv2, please check it out and see if it works for you.

Thanks Andreas, I copied most of your code, with slight changes, credit given!

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Hi…in my case I felt free to utilize the most recent SD card picture anyway I have two issues. To start with, the volume emerging from the speaker is altogether lower than when it was snared to the pi zero (I must have it set to at any rate 70 to hear anything). Second, the runs anyway the hotword “Alright Google” doesn’t work and when I go to leave the program utilizing ctrl+c nothing occurs.