AIY kit and Mycroft

Considering installing mycroft on my raspberry pi 3b. As a newbie was wondering can you install mycroft on top of raspberry OS as you can with google assistant or is it OS or Mycroft. I have the AIY hat kit so wanted to continue using it.

Picroft supports Google AIY Voice Kit v1 (running on RPi3) . See Picroft - Mycroft AI

At some point Google dropped its support for the AIYv1 in favor of AIYv2 running on PiZero WH. Picroft does not support the PiZero.

Here is the documentation for AIYv1: Voice V1
You need to identify the right image - I believe the newer ones only support AIYv2…

Note: As of November 2022 Mycroft no longer maintains Picroft.

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Thanks for the info much appreciated.