Adjusting Recording duration for get_response

not sure if this is the right category

ive been trying to use self.get_response() to retrieve 6 digit codes, but ive had some issues with the last digit being cut off

is there a way to tweak the length of time recorded?
I think i need to add a second or two to duration recorded to be sure to get all six digits

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Hey fireblade, do I remember seeing a response to this somewhere else already?

Currently (AFAIK) there’s no way to do this for an individual Skill. You can set the listener.recording_timeout value in your Mycroft Configuration however this will only work for that device.

Have you confirmed that the last digit is cut off during recording rather than STT or number extraction?

You can set listener.save_utterances to True along with a listener.save_path to keep a copy of your recordings.