Aditya Mehra's Mycroft for Plasma awarded 2018 KDE Akademy Best Application Prize

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Many in our Community will know of Aditya Mehra, better known as @AIIX, and the outstanding achievements he’s made in bringing Mycroft to the KDE Desktop in the form of Mycroft for Plasma.

What you may not know is that Aditya, along with our CEO Joshua Montgomery, was recently a presenter at the KDE Community’s annual event, KDE Akademy. Each year, Akademy makes several award presentations, recognizing both code-based and non-code based contributions to the project - something we strongly agree with, and a best practice increasingly becoming advocated by many open source Community specialists.

We’re delighted to announce that Aditya has been awarded the Code Prize this year for his efforts on Mycroft for Plasma, and enabling a free and open source voice assistant for the KDE ecosystem. Mycroft for Plasma is heavily used and has a thriving Community - which you’re welcome to join in our Mycroft Chat.

Aside from his code-based contributions, Aditya is also instrumental in helping support Mycroft for Plasma users and has recently developed the Mycroft for Plasma documentation. He also serves with utmost professionalism and deep technical knowledge as part of our Skills Management Team - a group comprised of both experienced Community members and Mycroft Staff - that governs the mycroft-skills repository and the processes and rules applied to Mycroft Skills which are submitted there.

Huge congratulations from all of us, Aditya!

Image courtesy of KDE Akademy: From left to right, Valorie Zimmerman, David Edmundson, and Aditya Mehra with their own awards and those of people who couldn't attend.

And the award goes to, @aix_me for his work on @mycroft_ai Akademy 2018 Day 2

— Mycroft AI (@mycroft_ai) August 18, 2018

Aditya Mehta tells attendees about what's new with Mycroft , Plasma's AI-based personal assistant.

— Akademy (@akademy) August 12, 2018