Adding specific github fork to requirments.txt

In a skill if a module is required as part of an “include” statement is it possible to specify a particular fork of that module in the requirements.txt file.
As an example one of my skills requires a module named “nanoleaf”. There is a specific fork of that module (GitHub) that has some unique features that I would like to include in my skill but executing the pip command only installs the original developers version, therefor if my requirments.txt file contains "nanoleaf’ I do not get the specific fork I would like.

In requirements.txt, you can specify a version, but I don’t know whether this will work for a GitHub branch, unless the GitHub repo itself is versioned.

For example;


You can also specify a minimum version;


Does this help at all?

Honestly I am not sure (my lack of GitHub experience). This is the repo I am interested in.

I am particularly interested in the stuwil fork of this project, but I am not certain how to identify the version.
is it possible to add the web URL ( to the requirements.txt file?

Clone the target to your own repo and reference that.