Adding new requirements

Hello everybody,

I’m new and just started to add skills.

I was working at some new skills using mysql and databases. This works fine for the desktop version by adding MySQL-python with workon mycroft (and sudo apt install MySQL-python).

I tried to get that working with picroft, but workon mycroft is not availabe there.

So my question is, how can I add new requirements without using the environment?

Sorry for my english and thank you for your answers,
Greetings, Kat

You could install virtual environments on the raspberry pi. I don’t think it’s done by default. That would just be through pip, so:

pip install virtualenv

You should also be able to add requirements in the file with import, so Import MySQL-python. This could let you do it without installing virtualenv.

Let me know which one works better.

Thank you for your answer. Import MySQLdb in the works for me, after installing all dependencies/requirements. (I missed a few before, so it didn’t work yesterday).

I believe that the “workon” command requires virtualenvwrapper as well.

Would you mind sharing a MySQL query done by Mycroft? Have not yet started using the platform, but was exploring the usage of PA and AI in querying local databases, specifically MySQL. I know that Alexa allows this but on cloud databases.
Can anyone help?