Add picroft to PINN

As the title suggests I would like to add picroft to the installer of PINN.

What would be the easiest way to do this I’m still quite new to Linux so I’m still learning.

I would like to run picroft along with other operating systems not shore what yet, or would it be easier to install raspbian lite then install picroft on top


Picroft is an image of raspbian lite with mycroft and the supporting bits added to it. You could take a look at the picroft repo on github to get an idea of what that entails if you want to add it to something else.

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Hi Jamie,

As baconator said, best to checkout the Picroft repo. We’ve even got a build recipe that outlines the steps we take to customise Raspbian Lite.

Though I also wanted to mention that these steps are only for a Stretch build of Picroft. We don’t yet have an official Buster image for the RPi 4.