Add dependencies to the virtual env

Hello. First of all, I’m completely new to these kind of things, so sorry if my question is dumb. The thing is that I’m working on a proyect with realsense, and I created a skill that uses a lot of dependencies (ros, opencv, ext). Because of the virtual enviroment, everytime I try to run my skill, it gives me the error that “ros” / “opencv” ext, is not a valid module. Is there any way to automatically import all of these dependencies to the virtual env? Or do I have to manually install them all while running it? Thanks! And please, be specific with your answers.


For Virtual Environments, you pretty much need to install the pip requirements within the environments.

You should be able to do this by swapping to the mycroft virtualenv with workon and pip installing the dependancies.

workon mycroft

and then

sudo pip install -U rosdep

Let me know if this works.
The future way to do this is to use the msm skill installer script and adding a list of requirements.txt to your skill repo.

Also, keep me posted on your ROS work. I’ve been wanting to work on an integration with it.