Add a setting on the mycroft home page

I started a topic in the support forum dynamic skill settings, but I think this is a better forum to put it into.

Basically, I want to be able to add a new section on the web settings page when the user clicks a button. Is something like that possible?

I’m all in on the intercom thing.

There is no such functionality. Somewhat understandable. Essentially this would mean a rebuild of settingsmeta.yaml from outside.

Better to do this stored in the Filesystem or self.settings interfaced by GUI/Voice

Yes, I agree that that will be the best way, especially for security reasons, but it would make it easier to have a gui to configure it.

There is this, communications-skill by LinusS1, but when I use that one, there seems to be a bug somewhere that is a memory leak and after a short while, everything freezes…ish. That is another subject. The idea of using zeroconf to autodetect other instances of the intercom would be even more useful, there needs to be a way to eliminate the memory leak.

There is also this skill pcwii mesh-skill, which I need to look at a little closer. It also incorporates an intercom system.

Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I guess from your response you don’t (want/have) a screen of some sort? Nevertheless i guess the mycroft-gui framework has to be expanded to be able to realize such task. Maybe @AIIX can shed some light on this.

btw @JarbasAl Hivemind ecosystem is worth a look

Just to confirm, this doesn’t exist yet.

It is on the long term roadmap as it opens up some really cool possibilities but there are a lot of priorities above that at this stage.

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I think Jarbas worked on an intercom at some point. Either way, it is indeed an obvious use case for HiveMind.

Really need to put the pedal to the metal getting device-side stuff working better. Right now, you can talk to Mycroft through a HiveMind node, and there’s addressing, but we haven’t implemented the “make another device do things” API.

No, I really don’t want a screen for most of them. Basically, I remodeled my kitchen, and took out a 20 year old intercom system, and my wife REALLY wants some sort of replacement. So I have the original satellite units that I can use as a case and have a built in speaker. I am thinking with something like the respeaker 2 mic unit, I could incorporate a Picroft unit in every room that has an intercom.

The main unit, which will be located in the kitchen I’m hoping to incorporate a GUI, but I haven’t looked into that much yet.

I have looked into HiveMind actually. I started a couple of issues on the Github repo namely this one Does not close port on exit. And I am also having trouble connecting satellite units to the core. It is something that I am extremely interested in using though.

It’s slower going than we’d like, because there are only a handful of us, and we’re the same people who work on a couple other big community projects. I’m hoping to shift most of my FOSS efforts into HiveMind pretty soon. I don’t wanna derail this thread further, but do look out for those GitHub bells.

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