Adapt >> IFTTT?

i had a question. I am looking over the examples in the adapt source, and i am trying to get a feel for how this is set up. so if i understand this correctly, we create an adapt script that tells the AI to activate a skill > which would be from an imported IFTTT skill correct? so is there a file for the skill that we download from IFTTT which is a script or binary for connecting to a supposed service? and then code our BDI script against the IFTTT skill? maybe i am not to familiar with how IFTTT works. OR, when creating the BDI script for Adapt, are we coding it from the ground up to perform the service itself? say like in the example given in the tutorial about using Pandora. are we also coding the app to do all the connection to Pandora? or is Pandora already installed as an app on the system, in given scenario?

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