Activation code only five letters

I was told that the activation code mycroft gave me was only five characters and

There’s numbers and letters, you may have gotten both. Check the logs (/var/log/mycroft/*) to see what it was as well.

Hey all let’s try to keep this civil please. I’m going to close this thread as it doesn’t seem like we’re getting anywhere quickly.

In case other stumble across this. It can sometimes sound like you are only getting 5 characters but we’ve never seen a verified case of it happening. Most likely there was a sixth character but it was hard to hear.

The code is read out, and output to the CLI so be sure to check there. It’s also logged in /var/log/mycroft/skills.log so in your Terminal you can run:

grep "Pairing code" /var/log/mycroft/skills.log

and it should return only the lines containing your pairing code. If there are multiple, always take the last one. If pairing fails for any reason Mycroft will try again but the pairing codes expire so a new one will be issued and any old codes won’t work.

If anyone has logs that show a five character code then please get in touch as we’d want to look into that.