Accidentally deleted setting, how can it be restored

A hopefully not too stupid question (already seeking cover).
I accidentally deleted the setting on the Skills web page to display the time on the Mark I when idle.
How can this be restored.
Thanks in advance.

PS: a big thank you to the development team and to the people developing skills (particular the translate skill is for me a real gem).

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We have a ‘no stupid questions’ policy here @jbijnens - meaning all questions are welcome, no matter how trivial they seem :slight_smile:

This is really a flaw in the UX of which we’re refactoring at the moment. Deleting the Skill setting will temporarily remove it from the page, but next time your Mark 1 contacts to update Skill Settings - usually every 5 minutes - it should re-appear. You may need to log out then back in to to see the Skill Setting again.

Do let us know how you go!

Best, Kathy