About the Mark II Feature Suggestions - Voting Enabled category

The Mark II is premium hardware designed to be both a consumer grade device in its own right as well as a test bed for developers and hobbyists, all this while keeping everything open source. What features or improvements are most important for you and your Mark II?

For developers the Mark II is an excellent platform for all kinds of projects, whether they base them on Mycroft or forge their own paths.

While the Mark II is a great platform for developers, it is also meant to be friendly for newcomers. For this reason, it ships out of the box with a custom version of Mycroft we call Dinkum.

Possibilities with the open source, open hardware Mark II are almost infinite. Whether you have a Mark II already sitting in your kitchen, are eagerly awaiting for your delivery, or you are about to order one - let us know what features or improvements are most important for our future roadmap.

Please first check if someone else has posted the same or a very similar feature request, and up vote that topic. This is the best way to get your idea to be more visible.

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