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  • Miscellaneous quirky tidbits about yourself!

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Hi All,
Looking forward to getting involved with Mycroft in whatever way I may be able to add value. Big thanks to Kathy for pointing me in this direction.
I really like the vibe of the forum. Welcoming but expecting civilized/helpful discourse and loved the “Let’s try to leave our park better than we found it” suggestion.

I’m a retired IT architect (50 years in IT this year and still hooked) living near Geelong in Australia and passionate about open source.

I’ve been working a project to try and bring all the information I interact with into a local environment that can archive, search and act upon it. So far I have Dovecot, Postgres, MQTT, Node-Red, Davical, getmail running under kubernetes with Grafana for visualisation, Termux for SMS integration and Tasmota for sensors and actuators and python as the glue where nessesary. So I guess it will be another 50 years before it’s complete but I need something to get me out of bed in the morning !!

I want to use Mycroft in 2 ways. Firstly, for adding voice dialog generally and secondly as a way of interpreting and acting on intents from SMS, email, social, etc.

I could do documentation, testing (both boring but nessesary), coding (my python is intermediate at best), design, product development, whatever helps.

Have just downloaded mycroft dinkum and will be working through how to get it working on a ubuntu environment (I don’t have a Mark II device). Will probably take me some time :slight_smile:

Looking forward to engaging.
Steve Smith

Hi everyone ! Im somewhere and i’m here to learn about how to make an AI . Thanks to accept me . :slight_smile: