About Picroft on Rasperry 3

Hello Everybody, I’m a newbie in use Mycroft Project, today i’m install it into Raspberry 3 and have some problem.

  • First : i can’t see file mycroft.conf, it have some error about can’t find that file
  • Second : i can’t change a wake word, i changed on web advanced setting but not active
  • Third : when i install it the first, it active, but after i change on web advanced setting about TTS options and then i reboot my device, it can’t work anymore, appearance some error. If someone know my problem, pls help me

I realize this is from a while back, however…

  1. it’s in either /etc/mycroft/ or /home/mycroft/.mycroft/
  2. if you tell mycroft “reload configuration”, check the logs and see if it pulls down your new config.
  3. would need some logs to diagnose.