A New Device - Mark II is coming!


We’re launching a second device soon, the Mark II. It’s set to debut later this month, sign up for to stay updated here!

We’re revealing new specs each week, along with photos!


Can’t wait! This is going to be teh awesome.


Folks, the new Mark II is really a sweet device. I’m really looking forward to the development effort this year. It will be on shelves by Christmas.


Hi @J_Montgomery_Mycroft,

May I suggest one thing about Mycroft Mark II ? Could Mycroft Team put an OLED display in stead of LCD display ?
From what I saw on some images of Mycroft Mark II, black is the main color for the screen. Since the black is a real black on an OLED display, the difference between the screen and the black plastic around becomes difficult to see. The device will look more beautiful and more professional.
Plus if you plan to put a battery in the Mycroft Mark II, it will increase the power efficiency :slight_smile:.

What do you think ? :slight_smile:


Great suggestion, @DarkSide. Are there OLED samples / products that you would recommend? I can’t guarantee we’ll go OLED, but we’d like to investigate it.
Best, Kathy

Hi @KathyReid,

Good question. I don’t know much about OLED screen providers. Maybe you can contact the compagnies from this list: https://www.oled-info.com/companies ?
What is the dimension and the resolution needed for the screen ?

Will you start a kickstarter campaign for the Mark II ?

Thanks, great info @DarkSide. Yes! We’re going to be launching a Kickstarter for the Mark 2 - sign up to be one of the first to know when it launches.

Haha, I already signed up :wink:.

I know a LCD display is cheaper than an OLED display. Maybe you can offer multiple reward one with LCD and one more expensive with OLED display.

I will go for the one with the OLED display :grinning:.

What do you think ? :slightly_smiling_face:

Great suggestion, will definitely run that up the pole

We started with OLED, because of the exact same thing you mentioned! Making the screen blend seamlessly into the glass would be ideal, but unfortunately OLEDs are still considerably more expensive in smaller quantities. Offering two tiers would solve the problem, however, there is an opportunity to review pricing and quantities before final production so there is a small chance we could switch to OLED for all tiers.


OLED would be awesome. Especially considering Jibo didn’t even use one, it’d make the product stand out. But, yeah, pricing might ultimately be the issue.


Mark II will be amazing.

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I am excited to see the conversation with the community begin already. We need community input and support to make this a great product.


This is getting fun, now!


But can it be as cute as the current one? (Hint, it can!)

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Aside from the price, are there any OLEDs that are reliable enough already? I’m talking about direct sun light, maybe moisture in the kitchen / bath room etc.?

If I were given two choices I’d go with LCD for now. I’ve got VR headsets on the table to see how rapidly these panels can degrade (especially red).

That said this sounds awesome. I hope the kickstarter campaign start will be announced early because of time zones. Would hate to miss half a day because of that (from what I’ve heard it starts on a monday after all so I can’t stay up just to back it right away :slight_smile: )

One more thing: could the tracker from the newsletter signup confirm be removed? It’s getting blocked by my pihole and sophos UTM. I will whitelist it to sign up but I’m unsure if it’s really necessary. The domain is a private registration and I’m not sure what or who that is - I’m guessing it’s ActiveCampaign.com? [EDIT]Yep, it’s AC[/EDIT]

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We’re launching a second device soon, the Mark II. It’s set to debut later this month, sign up for to stay updated here57!
We’re revealing new specs each week, along with photos!

Hey @Alyx_Horace, been nearly 2 weeks now. Specs and photos please! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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So any news on the kickstarter campaign date question?
The only thing I found was the 22nd - source: Why should I choose Picroft but not Amazon's Echo Dot?

The new device sounds like it’s going to be amazing. Will there be different colors available? I would love to see a black option. Kids tend to turn anything white or grey into a brownish smear after a little while :crazy_face:


We are launching this Thursday (1/25) at 10 am CST.