A first attempt for a skill : Itaradio

Hi, I just started to scratch the keyboard to produce my first skill.
I started from the deutschlandfunk-skill and I added about 50 Italian radios.
Here is the link to my repository.

Could you please give a try to it and let me know if some of the radio are working?
I produced two versions of this skill, that reside on two folders.
It would be very kind of you if you could say wich radio work on wich version…if any :wink:
Thank you.

Thank you for doing this. I will try and get this going today. Is there voice command to install?

Hi, my pleasure. No, there is no voice command to install. at this very early stage. I only provided the files in the repository.
Any suggestion/help is welcome.

you should submit it to the skills repo :slight_smile:

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