A few randon bits and half baked ideas

I know it is easier to throw out ideas than to back them with action, but a few frafments of ideas have been occurring to me, most have probably been thought of in some form or another, but I’m gonna write 'em down any way. These are far from fleshed out enough to be writen up as skill suggestions.

  1. Personalities - e.g. Mike, Adam, Mychelle. Could afffect repsonses for example. “Leave it to your old friend Mycroft”, or “I’ll take care of that when I return from HKL”, etc. Could be triggered by different wake words, or someday by speaker recognition. Could use different voice for repsonse.

  2. Sub skills - or fragments, things that can be called from other scripts, some examples might be formal_response(), or internet_keyword_search(). Maybe pull in data to be used by the skill like who_is_home(), or similar. (I think I read there is a skill that can link skills together, that may be enough.

  3. I guess I only have a couple, not a few.

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Thanks so much @wallylama for the suggestions!


This is definitely on our Roadmap - in the form of ‘Persona’ - a tool to help build distinct personalities for Mycroft. Think Sassy Mycroft, Polite Mycroft and so on. You can read more about the Persona Fallback here.

Sub-Skills, Skill fragments

My thoughts here are that these should be implemented as methods on the MycroftSkill class that can be called from within the Skill, but others may have different thoughts.

As always, we really appreciate your feedback and suggestions, please do keep them coming!