404 Error for a lot of icons in the community

With both, Firefox and Chromium (both in major rls) I had a lot of connection issues with some grafics in the community here.

See here:

I think is a problem with your media-proxy service.

Here are some example links where I get a 404:

Greetings suisat

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I also see this behavior

Yes, here too. There was an update of the forum software that went wrong some time ago.

Yeah this is a good nudge for me to get back to fixing that :flushed:

It’s kept dropping down the priority list with all the Mark II work…

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sound’s good. I hope you can fix this fast.

@gez-mycroft Dont want to spam you, but can you isolate the issue?

Seems to be fixed! Thx a lot.

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Graphics are 200 OK for me now too. Nice work, @gez-mycroft!