3d printer control or octoprint api intigration

skill for controlling desktop 3d printers through the octoprint api

Octorprint is a gnu application that creates a web interface for controlling consumer 3d printers and an api that allows a verity of applications to communicate directly with the machine

The functionality i would be looking for would be at minimum
have Mycroft report when a print is completed, check the statues of a print(time remaining temperature .etc) also report errors such as running out of filament.
example. “hey Mycroft what is [printer name] status”
[printer name] is printing [job name] with 4 hours remaining the hotend is 190 degrees the bed is 60 degrees.

more advanced functionality would be to have Mycroft adjust settings
adjust temperature, speed, and flow settings.
start prints gcode files stored with Octoprint,
pause, restart and cancel prints in progress.

This is one of the use case for voice that we find very interesting - industrial settings where people are often using their hands for controlling / operating equipment - meaning that having voice control is likely to be more safe / less distracting.