3D printed case for Picroft

Hey Mycroft
Is anyone interested in my 3D printed Picroft case? The lid comes off with attachments for two small rectangular speakers. Designed in Freecad so it could be modified easily.
Just trying to give something back. You can find the files at the bottom of this page


Looks really cool! Thanks!

That’s excellent, thanks for sharing it!

I can not open your page, do you have a link for the model?

I have just checked and it seems okay to me. here is the page:

Super cool. This is just to enclose the speakers, yes? Looks like you’re still using an external USB mic, unless I missed something?

No. I have a raspiaudio pihat with a mic.

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So that’s the hat you can see down on the Pi? Cool.

Hi Folks
Really sorry, the first base files were a bit off. I have replaced them and and hopefully the holes will line up.

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Hi there, does the RPi4 fit in your housing?