10 second delay between expired audio in Timer Skill

So I’m just now getting started with PiCroft but I’m looking into some of the skills available on the market and specifically the mycroft timer. I was looking in the init python file and was wondering, this 10 second delay does that include the audio files length or will it start counting after the audio file is done playing?

Example: I have a 10 second audio file and the delay is 10 seconds, will it wait 10 seconds between playing it again, or just instantly repeat it?

For reference: https://i.imgur.com/NyKtZk6.png

That isn’t a delay. Oddly it’s set again two lines later.
It’s used after the timer’s over:

                # beep again every 10 seconds
                if overtime % self.beep_repeat_period == 0 and not self.mute:
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Unsure why that is, I’ll do some more digging into this but this basically answered my question. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Timer gets reworked as we speak, just to prevent a deep dig. (as your name would suggest :wink: )

the new timer skill (work in progress) is found here

Ping @ChrisVeilleux since he’s working on the Timer Skill right now

thanks for the information.

The re-working of the timer skill is complete. If you install the skill branch linked above, you will get the latest. Once the PR is reviewed and merged, we will work to get it installed everywhere.


thanks for the awesome information.