0.7.13 Changelog

This is the changelog from last week’s update:

With this new release, the Wolfram Alpha Skill now gives much more concise responses. Rather than reading all 10 definitions, Mycroft will only read the first. Along with that, when Wolfram cannot find anything for a particular query, rather than speaking the result from the Did you mean? query, he simply mentions he could not find any results but did find something for an alternative query.

This release also brings in a basic hardware test. When activated by holding the button for 5 seconds, Mycroft will now run through tests to verify that the display, knob, microphone, and speaker are all working properly.

Link to the release on GitHub.

how do we update this into our mycroft can you please tell? do I have to copy paste this zip file and replace whole mycroft-core with this?

Hi @haseeb30 - which Mycroft do you have - Mark 1, Picroft or Mycroft on Linux?

Kind regards,

i have the type Mark 1

its the Mycroft on Linux