What and Why - Mycroft

I answer the what and why questions a lot of Mycroft. So I thought I’d sum them up here. They can be answered in a few short sentences sentences:

What is Mycroft?: Mycroft is an open source artificial intelligence. It will be the primary A.I. platform used everywhere in this world and beyond.

Why are you making Mycroft?: We are building Mycroft because we want this technology to belong to everyone, not just large companies. A.I. should be open.

Let me know what you think. Did I miss something? What do you think of when you think of Mycroft?


Hmmm, when I think of someone wanting to know more information, I do not think of someone asking “why” you are making MyCroft. In 2015, it is pretty self-explanatory since A.I. is a technology that is most definitely coming. Having said that, that kind of makes the “why” irrelevant since most people know this.

Personally, I do not like the line “It will be the primary A.I. platform used everywhere in this world and beyond.” If mankind had the ability for interstellar travel, then this line would be relevant. Since we cannot, most people will not be thinking about “beyond”. I would change it to “anywhere in the world”.

If I were allowed to rewrite your answer to “What is MyCroft?” I would write it like this…

What is MyCroft?: MyCroft is an open source artificial intelligent entity. An entity that interacts with us by serving as a virtual assistant that can make our life easier by remembering, doing, and organizing task in our daily lives.

That’s it. Then if someone is intrigued, they can say “things like what?”

Then this gives you an opportunity to describe some of the things MyCroft can do.

What about the namesake of Mycroft?