[Solved] Use Mycroft mark 1 as speakerphone for voip/sip

We are working on a product that needs a kind of a speakerphone, because we already wanted to use a Raspberry PI for programming we started to look for a mudule that supports echo cancellation and active noise reduction. while searching we found the Mycroft Mark1. I am wondering if this device would be the sollution we are looking for.
We want to build a voip/sip box with some extra’s, we want to be able to put the box on the table and speak with “the other box” somewhere else on this world… (a kind of conference call solution thats also being used in offices for meetings but we want MORE :wink: )
Does anyone have experience with turning the mycroft into a handsfree call tool?

Hi @rob that’s a really interesting use case!

We don’t have anyone doing this sort of thing with VoIP / SIP at the moment, but neither have we investigated what’s possible. Technically it should be possible to run Mycroft as a SIP client, but the key pieces you would need to figure out would be;

  • how would you get Mycroft to register with a SIP provider given that there’s no keyboard interface for Mycroft? It could theoretically use speech to text for this, but I imagine it would be difficult to speak the phrases that would be needed to configure a SIP client.

  • The microphone on the Mycroft, while strong, isn’t at the same standard as say a Polycom or Cisco meeting base station.

As a next step, feel free to have a look at our Skills range to see if there’s anything that might be a good starting point:

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Thank you very much @KathyReid !

We would need one or two programmable buttons on the mycroft, do you know if there are buttons on it to (re)program?
Do you think there is enough space in the box for this module?
Module 1 or module two

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Hi @rob - there is one button on the Mycroft Mark 1 which is programmable, you can see the source code here:

And there’s the link to the Mark 1 itself:

At a guess, I don’t think there would be enough space inside a Mark 1 for the microphones you’ve linked to, especially to allow ventilation. YMMV though.
Best, Kathy

Hi @KathyReid,
Thanks for the info!

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You’re very welcome @rob