[SOLVED] Problem with my skill

I am working on a skill can deal with 2 different utterance. After coding it and getting it in the picroft, only one of the utterances work. The reason_intent is the one that does not work.
Any help is appreciated

I am not 100% certain on this but your Keyword files are very similar and not mutually exclusive. This may be tripping the code up. If I speak “what is a reason to code” you can see that this statement also has everything it needs to trigger both intents. You could infact do this with 1 intent.
I recommend breaking up your keywords to something like this.
WhatKeyword.voc --> contains the word what
ReasonKeyword.voc —> contains the word reason
CodeKeyword.voc --> conains the word code
Now your new definition_reason_intent will be built as follows… require(“WhatKeyword”).require("CodeKeyword).optionally(“ReasonKeyword”).build
now in your intent handler you can check to see if the word reason was actually spoken by using
reason_kw = message.data.get(“ReasonKeyword”)
if reason_kw:

I would recommend reading this from one of the community members, it is very clear on using voc files properly.

If we’re helping to debug Skills, then it’s super useful to have a look at your skills.log file as well. This is found in /var/log/mycroft/.

Some other things to check:

  • Check that the STT is correctly transcribing the Intent. Your .voc keywords are very specific, so the STT will need to be very specific in transcribing them.

  • It’s very helpful to put a tail on the skills.log as well to see what’s happening.

How did you go with this one @avellant?

I used @pcwii advice and was able to correct the mistake

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Thanks for confirming, @avellent :slight_smile: