Picroft 2018-09-12 and the Google AIY Voice Hat

Puha, that was tricky. After trying a lot, this will give you a working Picroft + AIY (without wheels, but that is only for installs):

  1. Vanilla 2018-09-12.img file on SD card and boot

  2. At Mycroft logo do Ctrl-C

  3. Add Wifi in /etc/wpa… and reboot

sudo nano /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf

Insert following text


to get out

Ctrl + X and then Y and Enter
  1. Ctrl-C at startup and download and run new install file from

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/andlo/picroft-google-aiy-voicekit-skill/master/install_AIY.sh
chmod +x install_AIY.sh
./install_AIY.sh (this takes 15 min)
sudo reboot5

  1. Wait for startup then run ./mycroft-core/dev_setup.sh as long as it tells you and reboot afterwards, eventually it starts into the cli and starts intializing. This takes a while, you should see output and you are asked to register at home.mycroft.ai, do that and wait a while until it stops loading skills.

  2. Ctrl-C and install the AIY skill (you can do that in a different ssh window) and reboot

mycroft-msm install GitHub - andlo/picroft-google-aiy-voicekit-skill: Enables google aiy voicehat button

  1. Sound is 0, so I set it with alsamixer once it booted, will change that later.

@andlo, thanks for providing this skill.

Post if you have any questions installing the current version