Offline Playback Skill

This is a basic skill I made (based on the Spotify Skill by forslund) to play music from a local directory. There is more to do with it, but it seems to work from here. Hope someone enjoys it!

How to install Offline Playback Skill

tinytag>=1.2.2 (pip3 install tinytag)
vlc media player (sudo apt install vlc)

Method 1:

  1. Make sure the Installer skill is installed
  2. in, open the Installer skill’s settings
  3. Under “Skills URL” put “
  4. Open mycroft and say, “Install offline playback skill”

Method 2: Won’t automatically update

  1. in the terminal, go to your mycroft skills folder (probably “cd ~/mycroft-core/skills”)
  2. Run “git clone
  • Offline Playback Skill connects to AudioService

How to test Offline Playback Skill

  • Make sure you have music in ~/Music
  • Say, “Mycroft, play my music” and a random song should be played
  • Say, "Mycroft, play and it should find the closest match and play it
  • Say, "Mycroft, play something by and it should play songs by that artist

Coming Soon:

  • Say, "Mycroft, play

Any feedback can be posted here for now or in GitHub.
Hope you enjoy it!


Nice one, we’ve had requests for this very thing in the past!

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