Mycroft works in Spanish?

Good afternoon

My name is Oliver Zuluaga am web developer and additional I have experience in C / C ++ and I am in the last semester of engineering in systems and as a graduation project want to integrate an intelligent personal assistant as mycroft with a medical station with basic functions , so I wonder if mycroft currently works for Spanish and if so would need to access the source code for creating a basic health module mycroft …

Thank you

Spanish will be one of the languages supported my Mycroft.
Regarding medical applications, consider that on most of the world, it is the legal responsibility of the physician, what gets committed to the patient’s record or medical indications. Please check your local laws regarding.
Also, as the audio is sent to off-site speech-to-text servers, it might breach patient confidentiality laws.

Whatever you want, it can be done. The question is if can be done legally.

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