Mycroft is too slow (fix: try rec 2.5A power supply)

Hi, I have just installed a clean Mycroft image from Picroft on my Pi3b and the response I get is really slow, it takes about 2 minutes for it. Other then that, everything seems really good, it always understands what I say and is very good at answering questions.

And idea how I can troubleshoot the long response time?

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i’ve the same problem.
all it work. but mor than 1 minute for reply to my answer.

Take a look at the log files and see where the stack is getting hung up.

Most of the latency we experience here is related to speech synthesis - i.e. the text comes back quickly, but the processor chugs to try and create the audio output.

What version of the Pi are you using?

I’m using raspberry pi 3

Are you still seeing the same slowness? I have slow voice recognition. Like I will say “Hey Mycroft, what time is it?” and it will take at least 2 minutes for the log to register my voice - once it does that its a pretty normal reply. Is it possible its the mic? I have analog mic plugged into a usb audio adapter (link below). Could that cause a delay? If so I will order a better mic.


What power supplies are you using? Are you using a 2.5A? I’ve found it makes a big difference, especially when first speaking to Mycroft.

Raspberry Pi recommends these specs anyway:

That did it - I was using a less than recommended power supply. Thank you!!

I guess that usb adapter can be noted as usable at ~2.5 foot range with a 3.5 mic.


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Awesome. I’m glad to hear that works. It took a while to figure out.

I had the same problem, and it got a lot faster with the 2.5A power supply. However, now I’m not getting any feedback, i.e. it understands me and then does nothing. Any ideas?

Check the log files. If you are on a picroft, you should find it in /var/log.

ok, strange things are happening. When I restarted it, I asked it what time it was, and it processed that fine and spoke back. Then, I asked it what the weather was. it didn’t process that. kinda weird

could be you need to pair the device to The weather skill is one of the skills that goes to home so it maybe that you are not paired.

no, it also does it with math, and sometimes time

There is no direct correlation between Pi speed and power supply Ampere rating. However, if the Pi supply dips below the required voltage, the processor may not be able to run at full speed, may become erratic or may even re-boot.

Typically the smaller 5Volt supplies (say 1A and below) are designed to produce 5.0V by the regulator within the ‘black module’, which is connected to the device via a USB cable. There is a voltage drop from the regulator to the Pi which is proportional (approximately) to the current drawn by the Pi. This is usually the source of power problems.

Some of the 1A and larger power supplies are designed to provide a regulated voltage greater than 5.0Volts. For example, the Northpada 2A supply that I frequently use typically generates 5.25-5.30V. So the voltage measured on the Pi circuit board remains above 5.0V during normal operation with several USB peripherals connected, despite the voltage drop in the USB cable.

If you have a cheap multimeter you can measure the voltage on the Pi board and get a better idea whether the supply is suitable. Take a look at my old post for more details: