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I tried to be constructive in my criticism and don’t have much else to say, the main topic i wanted to voice an opinion about is responsibility, @KathyReid posted a very interesting link above i recommend reading, don’t mean to attack you but to steer discussion towards that, a few key questions i wanted to raise:

  • does a developer have any responsibility or moral obligation?
  • how can we all as a community deal with these things?
  • how can we avoid it?

the first point is pretty much a matter of personal opinion, and where we seem to disagree and why i took an issue with your actions

for the second point the united skill writers that arose from you abandoning the home assistant skill gives an answer

the link i posted above is why i think the third point is important, does not apply to your work but highlights why just nuking code can have bad consequences

I’m voicing my strong opinion on your actions, but i did not mean to be disrespectful and if you feel that way i apologize, i did not choose the best wording when i said you were playing the victim, you were just the first example worthy of note happening in this community because you had quite a lot of stuff done

i’m however curious why you feel that way towards the community in general, giving a hard time is the last i would personally describe this community, i can understand why you feel that way towards me but as a whole does not really compute

edit: i was your patreon once (until you started focusing on RASA and not mycroft), i’m minding my own business :slight_smile: let’s keep this focused and civilized

edit2: this is probably worth it’s own thread, it’s a good conversation where you should not be the focus