My Netatmo-Weather Skill : what's the room temperature?


It’s easier to say “Hey Mycroft, what’s the room temperature ?” than to connect to a website or an app.

My own weather station is a Netatmo device. It’s a basic one: an inside and outside modules without rain and wind sub-modules.

My skill to get the answer is there : GitHub - henridbr/henridbr-netatmo-weather: A Mycroft Skill for Home Temperatures and more with Netatmo.
It works as expected.

Some weeks ago I played with Arduino’s. I learn a lot but I guess my coding needs to be read and fixed.
I am not sure it’s worth to be submitted to the Mycroft skills repo.

As other skills which need authorization, the problem is to have an access to a device to check it.

Netatmo personal weather station is distributed worldwide. Here is a map of stations from Alaska to New Zealand and Siberia to Chile (click on the map for details).

Improvements, ideas, and comments are welcome.

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