Mmap cannot allocate memory

Hi everyone ! I’m here because i’m facing an issue. I’m actually developping a Youtube skill and sometimes it’s working, and other times it’s not.

As you can see in the screenshot up here, first line show that youtube is loading fine and lines after tells me that mamp() cannot allocate memory. after some ALSA bug, skill just stop because of errors.

Anyone ever facing this issue with mmap ? I think this is why alsa bug and my skill stop. I’m new to skill development but I’m really enjoying this ! Community is awesome btw

Oddly enough, I ran into this exact error when I installed VLC as a requirement on a skill I am working on. Not sure if this is an issue with VLC or something else.

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It seem like when I update my skill and try to load youtube the error shows up. I need to reboot mycroft in order to get this working again. Working with VLC too so ther issue could come from VLC yep