Listening indication led

So I’m creating a mycroft/MagicMirror Cross bread, running on a raspberry pi 3+, so far so good there are a couple of things that I will need help with as I’m not really good with the software side of things and rely on guidance.

I would like to incorporate a 5v signal for when mycroft is listening and 5v to turn off after booting is finished, these signals will operate a transistor switch which will trigger a 12v led strip.

I’ll will have a RGB strip and I’ll have each colour signify a different action

Red = on while booting and off when finished
Green = underside (welcome to ideas)
Blue = listening

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @jmh474, sounds like a nice addition to a magic mirror project.

Have you checked out the Picroft GPIO example skill yet?

I forgot to mention, there’s some useful info in the Picroft documentation on using the GPIO pins.

Some people have found the AIY voicekit skill a good intro to understanding GPIO pin usage too.

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