Linux Mint Pandora Skill

Hello Mycrofters,

I have Mycroft installed and successful working on Linux Mint 19.2. - Cinnamon.
I can open in a webbrowser (Opera with VPN enabled Europe), log in and use the service.
Problem: I cannot add the Pandora Skill in the marketplace (not supported for my desktop version Cinnamon?), when clicking on the +ADD.

I have pianobar installed successful on my Linux, but when logging in I get the following error:
(i) Login… Error: Pandora is not available in your country.

when I run the from the pianobar-skill (cloned from github) I am getting the following error message:
Resolving [=========================] Package not found: pianobar
Command failed: This tool could not find any available package: No packages were found

My Mycroft Device Profile does the following:

  • Platform: unknown
  • enclosure version: none
  • core version: none.

do I have to or can I modify the pianobar-skill?

Should I repair mycroft with my account?

do I have to modify the mycroft.config? I didn’t look into it yet.

is mycroft not fully working yet under Cinnamon Desktop.

Can you try installing pianobar manually, then re-running the

Hello baconator,

I have pianobar installed. when I run
$ which pianobar it shows me the location /usr/bin/pianobar.
but I also discovered that I cannot login when running pianobar, because the commandline is not vpned yet, while my web browser (Opera) has VPN enabled.

when I have openvpn running I will try it again.