Joining Mycroft AI - taking over from Kathy

Hi all, I’m Kris Gesling (aka Gez) and I’ve just joined Mycroft AI, taking over from the amazing work of Kathy as the Director of Developer Relations.

To give you a little background, like Kathy I’m also from Australia however I’m in a city called Darwin in the far north. This means I’m actually much closer to Indonesia than to Kathy. My last job was with Australian Red Cross, and I’ve done a lot of work looking at how we can harness new technologies in the youth mental health space. On the technical side, my primary language has been Javascript, however I’m working to change that quickly and I’ve written a couple of little skills for Mycroft.

My role here is really focused on how we can create the best experience for this community and for developers in general. I’m still getting my head around all the amazing things you as a community have been doing, but if you need anything or have ideas you want to share please reach out to me :smile:

I got involved with Mycroft AI because I believe that voice interaction is quickly becoming the dominant way that people across the world are interacting with technology. There are also so many benefits for improving the accessibility of tech through voice, whether you’ve got your hands full in the kitchen, or your (grand)parents don’t know where the any key is… I want to make sure that we have an open platform for voice so that anyone in the world can use it without having to give up their privacy.

What got you interested in Mycroft to begin with?


I was looking for an open source voice assitant, jasper wasn’t looking very good, and sirius was going through some turmoil. mycroft had just done a successful kickstarter, and had a viable installation end point, so I tried it out…and then have never managed to escape its clutches since! :o So far so good.


Welcome Kris! Jeez what a foot steps to fill … :wink:

If you do your best, we will give you some slack in the beginning and try to help out as a community :smiley: :smiley:


Welcome, Kris! Best of luck to you.

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Hello all,

I have become involved with Mycroft AI because I love the idea of being able to talk to my home. I have been researching this and looking for a GOOD open source answer. I tried Jasper, but it just wasn’t what I was looking for, and along came Mycroft AI on a github search.

From my first download, I have been hooked!!

I have experience with python, mind you no professional experience, but have been using it for better than 10 years. I have the perfect setup for a system like this. 6 - Raspberry Pi 3 b’s roaming the house in different rooms, mostly running Kodi, but are slowly acquiring a version of Mycroft. Along with that, I host my own local server which I can play with whatever software that I may desire, it is mainly used as a local cloud service right now. I have been using Linux in one form or another for more than 10 years also. I have grown to love the command line!! And the biggest part, I have an understanding wife that lets me put microphones and speakers throughout the house…Thank you baby!!

I have been a premium supporter since I first realized the possibilities of a open source system like this.

I am writing a few skills, mainly to learn more about the system and how it works. I also think I will try the self hosted home before long. I like that idea a lot.

Anyway, I love the community here and hope I can contribute some productive input.

On a side note, @gez-mycroft, are you who I contact to become a skills tester? I would love to do what I can.


Awesome, I’m so glad you found us, and a huge thanks for being a premium supporter!

I’m looking forward to trying out your TMDB skill. I’ve been creating a skill for my local cinema so this will be a great way to get more info on the movies that are showing :slight_smile:

We’d love to get your help as a Skill Tester. Fill out this super quick form and I’ll get some further details to you.

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Hi Kris, good to meet you. I am from Perth.

I posted my introductory post stating and I am interested in using voice AI as a classified ads call-center operator. A friend of mine previously worked in the IT department for a classified ads paper known as the Quokka and I am hoping he will come on board too.

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Welcome @gez-mycroft i had no idea you were new! Thanks for all your help so far!

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Hey caston, sounds like a good use case. Let us know if you do decide to pursue it.