I would like to develop IoT based Flood Monitoring System using Ultrasonic Sensor

Hi Mycroft Team

I am working on my final year BSc dissertation.
Topic: Implementing Mycroft to read (announce) the water level in the occurrence of flood alerts.
Hardware and software requirement: Ultrasonic sensor, Raspberry pi, Python language
Is there anyone who has a broad knowledge of how I can go about this, please?

Centralized database. Lets say SQL of any type. You now grab it with sqlalchemy or else, set up (in mycroft) as a recurring event. A simple

drowning = max_watermark - sqlalchemy_fetch
fill = delta/t
if sqlalchemy_fetch > x and fill > 0:
      self.speak_dialog("announcement", data={"drowning_in": drowning/fill})

with announcement.dialog = We're drowning in {drowning_in} minutes

would get you what you want

You can flesh it out from there with additional environmental data.
That’s essentially what i do with my solar data to satisfiy several intents ((economic) reports of various timeframes, status requests, pipe things to other processes, …)

Thank you, Sir, I would look to explore that avenue. Hoping that I am able to work it.
Much appreciated!