How can I enable IBM speech to text instead of google STT

The google STT is not giving good results when it tries to recognize my utterance. How can I change the STT to IBM. I read that it requires username and password (which I have), but where do I enter the details and change it? Thanks

Start here:

Is that just TTS?

Based on the example conf in our documentation, I think the STT configuration block uses “ibm” eg:

"stt": {
  "module": "ibm",
  "ibm": {
    "apiKey": "xxxxxxxxxxxxx",
    // I am unsure which credentials are required here though

Thank you guys, I had another question. Which one would be recommended IBM watson or deepspeech? I read a blog post yesterday which mentioned error rate for deepspeech was less than 10% a year ago. So I guess, there’s probably more improvement there already.

I would suggest DeepSpeech over Watson. Just because DeepSpeech is open source and we should use and improve it…


To help improve Deepspeech, also be sure to do some listening and submissions over at

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