Help to understand response time

Well, I spent an entire day only coming to this realization myself. I use mobaxterm with x11 forwarding so I can run pycharm and see video output from cameras and such. I had the same issue in addition to it magically setting volume to 0.

I really need x11 forwarding to work with mycroft. I see your solution was to just deactivate it, but have you successfully found something that would work otherwise?

I found if set it to automatically start on boot, it doesn’t get hung up on the x11 forwarding (makes sense). However, I’d like to not start it on boot…

nope since I don’t need the X11-forwarding it is all good for me.

ssh -Y? Run a local copy to do testing on?

I’m not very familiar with the -Y switch, but what I read is that it only enables trusted X11 forwarding and I’m not sure that would help.

I think ideally I’d find an audio player for mycroft to use that doesn’t try to spawn an X11 display, but I can work around it a number of ways (start as a service on boot or load up a separate non-X11 enabled ssh session just to start mycroft) The mycroft is going on a robot I’m building and I’m trying to get everything incorporated into a single SSH session running tmux with X11 forwarding enabled on it.

I think it would be helpful if somewhere in the documentation (at least maybe the audio troubleshooting section since that’s where the problem is noticed) to indicate that X11 forwarding in ssh causes problems, @gez-mycroft

not sure it belongs in the docs

using mplayer is a user modification, if mplayer requires a X server thats not really mycroft’s problem, it doesn’t feel right to use mplayer to play system sounds at all in the first place

I’m using whatever is stock on a linux build… not sure if its mplayer or mpg123.

sorry, i was reading previous posts and confused you with OP

if you are using the defaults then i agree it should be in the docs, but even better if we find a proper solution

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I personally don’t know for a fact that the issue is exactly as the OP stated. I never would have expected an audio player to consider spawning a window when it doesn’t actually spawn one when run from command line, but I don’t know enough to come up with any other explanation. The only thing I saw in mpg123 command line arguments relating to windows is that it attempts to rename an xterm window with the name of the file being played, but I think you have to specify that argument for it to try to do so. I’m new to using X11 so there’s lots I don’t know about it.

All I can say at this point is that I am highly confident it’s X11 forwarding related.