FHEM-Skill doesn't accept room-name, giving error

Hi there,
i installed the FHEM-Skill like mentioned in one of the postings here and in GitHub. The skill itself works properly, but i’m not able to access a switch in a room named “Haus”.
Even if i had the name in the skill and checked ist in the settings.json-file, the Skill responds every time the following errors:
2020-11-03 09:51:33.362 | INFO | 790 | FhemSkill | action: ein
2020-11-03 09:51:33.393 | ERROR | 790 | mycroft.skills.mycroft_skill.mycroft_skill:on_error:835 | Bei der Verarbeitung der Anfrage ist ein Fehler im Skill Fhem Sk$
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/home/pi/mycroft-core/mycroft/skills/mycroft_skill/event_container.py”, line 66, in wrapper
File “/opt/mycroft/skills/fhem-skill.domcross/init.py”, line 232, in handle_switch_intent
fhem_device = self._find_device(device, allowed_types, room)
File “/opt/mycroft/skills/fhem-skill.domcross/init.py”, line 817, in _find_device
device_candidates = self.fhem.get(room=self.allowed_devices_room,
AttributeError: ‘FhemSkill’ object has no attribute 'allowed_devices_room

I’ve put the userattributes to my lightswitches in FHEM, added the userattributes to the global section, but the error continues despite all my efforts to get it working.

Can someone give me the clue or some hints? Thank you
Cheers Caruso

Being the author of this skill I probably can help you with that:
Can you confirm that you have set parameter “Name of FHEM-room with controllable devices” in section “FHEM” of the skills settings at https://account.mycroft.ai/skills?

Hi Dominik,
thanks for you help. Yes, I’ve set the name in exactly the same writing, upper case “H” and lower case “aus”, so there is “Haus” in it, the same room name as in FHEM.
There is also no blank in front of or behind the word.
I also checked the entry in the skill-config-files, the name Haus has been transferred from the skill to the config files.

Any other ideas?