Downloading the source files for Mycroft and Linux desktop control

This is an exciting project and I’m very glad you decided to go open source!

I have two questions:

  1. Where is the open hardware and software repository for Mycroft? I’d like to download them.

  2. Your blog says if you reached $125k on Kickstarted you’d release a Linux desktop control version. You reached $127k. Where and when will I be able to download the Linux desktop voice control?

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Right now our aim is to release the repos under GPLv3 early 2016. This is to ensure they meet a certain level of quality before we put them out in the world. Too many projects have released unfinished or unstable code too early and have been relegated to the “not good” category because of it.

We are looking at bringing community members into the project to test the code early, so if you are active in the community there is that possibility. Also, the more money we raise via Kickstarter and Indiegogo, the earlier we might be able to release.

To answer your second question, it ties in with the first. We have made some contacts in some projects such as Ubuntu (Unity 7 & 8) as well as KDE. We will be working with them to ensure Linux desktop voice control works well. That will likely be released on the same timeline.

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Thank you for the quick and clear response. I will be eagerly awaiting the release. Best of luck.

Congrats on shipping the first Mycroft units. Any news on when and where the sources will be available?

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Congrats on shipping Mycroft. Any updates on Linux desktop integration, will we be able to use Mycroft on KDE ? A demo video of integration would be awesome :slight_smile:

Hey guys, thanks for the awesome questions! We were trying to get the source out in April - but we’ve pushed that back a little further to early May in order to try and put some nice final touches on top of everything.

Stay tuned on these very forums for the link to the repo as soon as it is ready. However, until then, check out our other open source projects, repos here: