Courtesty/Politness "skill"

Hi there,

first - i have been watchin mycroft for some time and will probably at one point use it- until then im just a “viewing user”

my question (or idea if not yet available): i just ran over an article about some other similar project (you can guess what) where a a Courtesty/Politness skill - especially aimed at children was introduced.

Meaning: mycroft should react to politness - if you say “please” and “thanks” it should reply also with a kind addition (you’re welcome, my pleasure, thanks for asking so polite etc.).

Is anything like that available? If not: that’s my idea for addition.

Thank you @kaktux, thank you for your suggestion.

At the moment reacting to polite phrases such as please and thank you is dependent on the Skill Author to implement, using mechanisms such as conversational context.

We also have plans to implement more personality-based features with our upcoming Persona software.

In terms of a specific Skill though to teach courtesy and politeness, we think that’s a great idea! We have a specific Skill Suggestion area where everyone is encouraged to suggest - and document in specifics - new Skill ideas.

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